Bathroom Tiles and Bathroom Installation for Epsom Residents

Here at The Extra Special Tile & Bathroom Company, we firmly believe that we live up to our name, being a premier choice for bathrooms for Epsom homeowners.


This is mostly due to our huge range of bathroom tiles, with thousands of different styles to suit every type of bathroom design. Once you choose your favourite, we can deliver to your door for free within 5 working days, so you can get your bathroom installation project underway.


On this page, we’ve looked at some of the different types of tile we stock, and what might make them the right choice for your bathroom. Whatever you decide on, make sure you order from The Extra Special Tile & Bathroom Company, for that “extra special” touch!



Glorious Granite


Considering that it’s formed by cooling in the earth’s crust following volcanic eruptions, it should come as no surprise that granite is one of the toughest materials on the bathroom tiles market. Its unique formation process also makes it an intricate and beautiful rock, making it perfect for an Epsom bathroom design with a classy touch. We’ve found that customers are willing to pay a premium for granite tiles in their bathrooms because it is attractive, durable and long-lasting.



Lavish Ceramics


Stylish and versatile, ceramic tiles are ideal for Epsom homeowners looking to carry out a bathroom installation on a budget. Created by combining clay, sand and water, then glazing and baking the mixture in a kiln, ceramic bathroom tiles have a history dating back 15,000 years. And to this day, they can beautify Epsom bathrooms just as they did for ancient cultures. Ceramic tiles are ideal for adding patterns and texture to your bathroom design at cost-effective prices.



Terrific Travertine


Travertine is known for its earthy feel, due to its terracotta colouring and the natural pits and voids in the tile’s surface. Our travertine tiles are rated by a star scale, ranging from great value 3-star bathroom tiles in darker shades, to five-star quality tiles, which are very dense and non-porous. Whatever your budget, you can choose travertine for a rustic look for your Epsom bathroom installation. Any bathroom design ideas you may have can be catered to by The Extra Special Tile & Bathroom Company.



Marvellous Marble


Marble is an incredibly hardy material. It is one of the more porous materials, but sealing with a treatment should assuage any fears of damage from damp. Marble may feel like an opulent choice, but it’s surprisingly affordable. With its muted tones and sleek finish, it can create beautiful bathrooms for our Epsom customers. Consider marble tile when you are looking for a new bathroom installation, that will make you feel like you’re relaxing in the lap of luxury.


Epsom customers love our bathroom tiles. Call us today on 01737 767 831 to find out more.

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